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The personality development workshop conducted by English house aims at the complete development of the participants in terms of their thinking, behaviour, ideology, goal setting, time management, tongue management, temper management, career and social responsibility. Witnessing the Anglophobia among students, the art of public speaking is imparted by conducting regular speaking sessions which gradually help students come out of their shell and instil sublime confidence in them. Our thoroughly researched contents of the course not only augment one?s vocabulary but also enhance their skills of communication and help them appear for any interaction/interview with all confidence. The very specially designed lessons on intonation-patterns to inculcate beauty in one's pronunciation make students interested and fully motivated to attend the sessions for the full duration of the training. Home assignments are given daily/periodically on topics of moral values and civic sense to inculcate responsibility and develop self-esteem. In a recent 40-day personality development workshop held at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi, we included this assignment and the response was encouraging. Many parents and teachers acknowledged the positive change in the behaviour of their children/pupil. The prime objective of the personality development workshop is to turn the students from pessimist to optimist, hesitant to confident, shy to outspoken, aimless to ambitious, passive to active, recluse to team-oriented. Our 40-Day Personality Development Workshop helps students enhance their communication skills, hone their pronunciation skills, enrich their vocabulary, augment their confidence, improve their drafting skills and develop their public speaking skills.

Mohammed Munawar zama
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Zee Salaam approached English House with a survey that 70% of the school and college going students belong to the lower middle class in India and spend their lives in small villages and towns who find no good institutions to enhance their communication skills and groom their personalities, hence majority of the students spend their lives being intimidated. Touching our tender nerve, Zee Salaam extended a proposal to do a 60-Episode Program for free of cost as a service to the nation. English House embraced it wholeheartedly as an opportunity to build the nation. All the episodes were shot at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi and telecast across many countries by the name "GROOM YOUR PERSONALITY". Each episode was telecast seven days a week. It was a joint venture done with great enthusiasm with a sole intention to take education to the remote places of India through television by Zee Salaam, India Islamic Cultural Centre, Noble Education Foundation and of course English House.

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English House came into existence offering free call centre training to the youths of Andhrapradesh on Sundays in 2007 and 2008. We visited Mahboob Hussain Jigar Hall, Siasat office-Hyderabad, Anjuman School-Musheerabad, Preston High School, Hyderabad, B.Ed College-Sangareddy, Boys Junior College-Zaheerabad and offered training to thousands of students at free of cost. In 2012, we were offering free one month training to the students of Safdariya Urdu Medium School located at Humayunnagar, Hyderabad. Witnessing the terrific performances of their students, the awarded principal Mrs Sheela recommended URDU TV to have a live one hour interactive session on the importance of Communication Skills. Tips on Communication Skills and Interviews were imparted on the show and viewers put questions at regular intervals. The show was telecast by the name CAREER GUIDANCE and many experts are invited on the show to share their views on career guidance.

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An NGO named "YES I CAN" came into contact in 2009 when our stay was in Delhi for the shooting of Groom Your Personality. Appreciating our efforts, Mr Salman Jafri, the chairman of YES I CAN sought our time for a one hour show on "JAMIA RADIO 90.4" to acquaint the students of Jamia Millia Islamia with the skills of communication, pronunciation and interview etiquette. This program gained such a great popularity that the students of English House pursuing their studies at Jamia Millia Islamia tell us with great delight that this program goes on air a couple of times every month and interestingly the people surrounded by Jamia Millia Islamia also benefit from this show. Benefiting from this talk on Radio, many students approach India Islamic Cultural Centre to avail "Free 40-Day Personality Development Workshop" offered by the President of IICC and Noble Education Foundation during summer every year.

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