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World Human Rights Protection Association Awards

10 December is observed as the International Human Rights Day across the world. Mr Shamim A Khan President of WHRPA-World Human Rights Protection Association travels across India to identify the gems of our nation who have dedicated their lives in their respective fields to make our nation globally recognized, but their abilities, their talents are not being acknowledged. Mr Khan and his dedicated team identify such individuals and honours them with BHARAT GAURAV SAMMAN AWARD on 10 Dec every year. Awardees are given an opportunity to speak to the world through media and express their views. We are immensely grateful to Mr Khan and his entire team for inviting English House to be a part of such great work. We have been actively involved for three years and looking forward to extending our support in future anytime we are called. Honouring the talented individuals with awards motivates them to work further with utter passion and sincerity. Viewers of our site are advised to form such NGOS, identify the talented people in your town and honour them with awards. The outcome of this initiative will not only boost the morale of the awardees but also motivate the other individuals to take up the social responsibilities and get associated with the people around them. English House and its team wish you , WHRPA and all the activists of Human Rights a very best of luck.

Current Seminar
A 40-Day
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is bieng held
Maulana Azad University,Jodhpur.
Schedule - 2016