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Youth Against Speed 2014

On 11 September-2011, Ayaz, son of Former Indian Cricket Captain Mohammed Azharuddin and Ajmal, son of Senior Congress Leader Mr Khaleequr Rahman were racing bike at full speed and met with a fatal accident and lost their lives. Ajmal died on the spot and Ayaz was in coma and died after a few days.

Mohammed Khaleequr Rahman, losing his son at such a flowery age, was totally shattered and confined to the four walls of his house. After continuous counseling by his relatives and well wishers, it took six months for him to come out of that shock and since then he has been very actively reaching out to the youth by his campaign #YouthAgainstSpeed and urging them to realize the importance of their lives and not to be the victims of the accidents. He has also spoken to #JohnAbraham to inform him that his movie #Dhoom had a negative impact on youth as it influenced them to resort to racing which eventually took hundreds of lives. Mr Rahman further pleaded John Abraham to inform his fans that the stunts in the movie were done by the master riders not him.

English House has been very inspired by his campaign and visited Arora Engineering College on 5 September-2014, which is observed as #AntiSpeedDay. It was a great opportunity for us to be a part of such a great cause and we are grateful to Mr Rahman for giving us a chance to address hundreds of students to make them realize with the consequences of the accidents for driving or riding beyond the speed limit. We all took pledge on the hand’s of Mr Rahman and decided to drive at an average speed.

We urge the viewers of our site to like the page of YouthAgainst Speed on Facebook and be a part of such a great initiative which can save millions of lives if you observe AntiSpeedDay on 11 Sep every year by taking a pledge inviting your friends and relatives in your respective localities. It is a social responsibility and every individual should say yes to it. English House is looking forward to visiting many colleges to aware the students about this campaign. We salute the team of YOUTH AGAINST SPEED and wish them to spread this campaign across this world.

English House feels privileged to dedicate the following pledge to Youth Against Speed.


“I take pledge today that
I shall not jeopardize my life
And put others in jeopardy.

I promise today that
I shall not end up my life
Leaving my family in the lurch
Just for a pleasure with friends for a while.

I take an oath today that
Every time I ride or drive
I remind myself that
Back home my family is waiting for me.”

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