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It's not a big deal for prime ministers, film stars and business entrepreneurs to visit Japan, but for someone born with disability that too a girl who from the lower middle class family, is definitely a herculean task.

Having faced seventeen fractures and seven corrective surgeries in both her lower limbs Ummul Kher did not let her confidence go lower. With her firm determination and never-say-die-attitude, she has proven her mettle and her success graph is mounting up with passing year. She was born in a town Pali, Rajasthan with genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta Tarda [Fragile Bones Disease] and when she was at the age of crawling, just ten months old; her father moved to Delhi, leaving her family in the lurch and married another woman. Ummul's mother took up the challenge to raise her children and went through many hurdles and hardships, eventually she became schizophrenic. Her grandmother however convinced his son to look after his daughter at least. Ummul moved to Delhi to live with her father and step mother in 1998. She lived with them until 2004 and all those years she was tortured by her stepmother to give up studies and go back to Rajasthan to her own mother. The continuous torment inflicted on Ummul, compelled her to leave her father and live in a rented shanty at Tilakpori which ia a semi slum area at the shores of Yamuna. She lived alone and gave tuitions to small children to pay her school fee and make her both ends meet. As she completed her twelfth and was on the verge of pursuing graduation, her father approached her with a bus ticket to send her back to Rajasthan. She fortunately met Dr Kiran Bedi and sought her support. She was advised to threaten her parents that she had lodged a complaint against them in a police station and might resort to the legal proceeding if they would continue the same behavior towards her. Her step mother was frightened and sealed her tongue to silence with a fear of being sent behind the bars and Ummul continued her studies and completed her post graduation successfully from JNU.

She came to IICC in 2011 to take personality development workshop and it was a big challenge to go up the dais at IICC and address 300 students. She was determined to enhance her public speaking skills. She mustered courage and decided to go up the dais. As she was inching towards the dais with little steps, all the 300 students present in the auditorium started chuckling, looking at her gait. She held her emotions and looking straight in their eyes, she said, "You all are my classmates. You can laugh at me as much as you can. There are only 20 days left and you can hardly laugh at me for 20 days, but I do not want the rest of the world to laugh at me for the rest of my life." Everybody in the auditorium was moved by her emotional views.

To my surprise, a girl with disability, coming from a disturbed family with Hindi medium background and lots of hardships, held the audience spellbound on the day of convocation. Witnessing amazing confidence and natural flow in her speech, the honourable judges Dr Farookh Abdulla-Former Union Minister, Mr Digvijaysing-Former General Secretary AICC, Mr K Rahman Khan-Former Minister Minority Affairs and Mr Sirajuddin Qureshi-President IICC honoured her with Best Noblite Award 2011 for outsmarting the rest of the participants of whom many were from convent schools and renowned universities. On the basis of Grammar, Accent, Confidence, Body Language and inspirational message the contestants were given marks accordingly.

2011-She was honoured with Best Noblite Award.

2012-She was invited to represent Indain Youth with Disabilities in Rehabilitation International's World Congress and Asia Pacific Disability Forum's General Assembly in Incheon city, South Korea. She has also cleared the UGC-NET exam and currently she is a Junior Research Fellow

2013-She was conferred upon The National Extraordinary Woman Award by National Commission for women.

2014-Shortlisted for One Year Leadership Training Program organized by the Japanese government in Japan. She is currently undergoing the training in Japan. She underwent very tough rounds during her interview, but with her sheer confidence and excellent communication skills she conquered the hearts of the Japanese HRs.

Responding to her Japanese tour, Mr Wadood Sajid, Coordinator of the very famous 40-Day Personality Development Workshop said, "It is not a surprising news, at least for me, as I know that Ummul Kher has trained herself very SMART that she can OUTSMART any contestant.

In behalf of 8000 Noblites, Noble Education Foundation, India Islamic Cultural Centre, English House and India, I wish Ummul Kher a very best of luck for her Leadership Training Program and future endeavors. I feel myself very proud and fortunate to be a teacher of such an amazing SKILFUL UMMUL.

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